In NeS1 Post 231 Wolf and Farr have begun fighting each other out of boredom, waiting for the heroes to emerge from the bunker they're cowering in from NeS1 Post 230. They're distracted when a portal opens and from it emerges Uncle Tusk and Morris the Cat. Morris wants to attack the villains but Uncle Tusk just wants to eat popcorn.


*While the group cowardly hides in their shelter, Wolf and Farr begin to fight each other out of boredom. Totally yells at them for doing so, and begins to think of a plan of attack when...*

*A wonderous mystical swirl forms above Stonehenge, and who would come out of it? That's right: Uncle Tusk, with Morris the cat attached to his head.*

Morris: Good thing we got off that arena before it became one with the Super Star Destroyer. *notices three dark warriors* Oh barbaric one. Destroy them.

Tusk: Get off me, cat! And I'll do what I want. And I want to eat. Hey look, they're selling popcorn over there...

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