In NeS1 Post 230 Semievil conjures an armoured fire-elemental to fight against Farr. The demon, however, quickly blasts the fire-elemental and it is quickly destroyed. Semievil warns Gebohq that he will need more training and better armour before he should attack Farr directly. Semievil uses wind to hold back Farr, Wolf and Totallyevil while Otter produces roots from the ground that MaybeChild turns to steel. They now have a bunker to hide inside and prepare, while the evil trio wait outside. Antestarr gets out a card game.


Sem begins methodically conjuring all the elements he will need for battle.... a full suit of armor, lighter, stronger, and shinier than geb's.... a tower shield, bigger and stronger than geb's.... a short sword, faster and lighter than geb's longsword.... and of course a fire-elemental to use it all, because there's NO WAY Sem is going to step into direct combat here.

Sending the glowing apparition into combat, Sem ducks behind some nearb stones.

Farr steps up, and smites it directly in the chestplate, which is glowing red-hot because of the heat from the elemental.

Farr: "It burns.... it has tried to wound me........"

Three glowing pieces of armor and a few smoldering embers return to Sem, reporting a tactical failure.

Sem: "Geb.... I thinks maybe you might needs some practice before you fights them things.... I'll fix your armor up so it's better than what my pet had.... i thinks you gonna need it...."

Geb nods, looking dreadingly at the helm full of ashes, as the Otter and Maybe begin to fortify thier position. Sem starts up a stiff breeze with mixed pebbles and stones in it to hold off the dark trio while the Otter grows roots around the framework of stonehenge and maybe turns them into steel, referring to her prayre book every now and then.

in end result, Ante, Geb, Sem, Otter, and Maybe are left huddled together in a solid bunker to work on thier combat skills, the only light being the fire Sem is keeping alive in the very center, while the dark trio simply waits for them to come out.

Ante: "Anyone for a game of Spit[Ext 1]?"

Ante squeaks his ducke hat and shuffels some cards enthusiastically.


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