NeS1 Post 227 the audience member pulls off an American accent, teasing the word 'Totally', which is the name of Totallyevil. Semievil, in the arena, senses the sudden presence of his dark sister while she is gleefully laughing over the unconscious body of The Otter. Antestarr, meanwhile, is busy working. When the Narrator criticises Gebohq the Writer he changes his tune when he sees the eraser coming.


audience reader: Hey, it's like, Totally!...rad! Fer shure.

*Somewhere within teh bowels of the arena, Sem shudders, having felt the presence of his dark, dark sister, and remembers the horrible childhood memories.*

*Somewhere by theOtter, Sem's sister, Totallyevil, laughs.*

*Someplace else, Antestarr is, well, working his *** off. Doign what we all wonder...*

What? You expected this to be a good post? HA! That moron Geb couldn't write a post if his life dewpended on--er, now seeing the mighty pencil eraser, I failed to mention that Geb is quite the good-looking guy...

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