In NeS1 Post 222 Antestarr the Writer wakes up, after being knocked out by a petrified Peep in NeS1 Post 221, and stares at the offending Peep. He then suggested the other Writers should go to a website to check out clinical tests done on Peeps and that he had earned forty dollars from his other job, making him happy. He then wondered where his Farsight XR-20 is and went to find it while the Writers went to the website.


*In the offices, Antestarr suddenly comes to again, and stares at the bottom of the peep[Ext 1] for a few minutes. Then he comes to two revelations.*

Antestarr: Hey! There's a website on the bottom of this peep leading to clinical tests done on some peeps! Let's check it out! And another thing... I just made $40 in tips working my other job!

I'm a happy camper... now where's my Farsight XR-20[Ext 2]........

*The others stare at him in awe, then all go to the peep research page in order to see the effects of heat, cold, alcohol, smoking, and various other extremeties on peeps. (just wait until you see what happens to them in hydrochloric acid...)*


Britt's Commentary

"The link that Antestarr the Writer provided no longer works as of 2017. The Farsight XR-20 that he refers to is an alien weapon from the game Perfect Dark[Ext 3]." - Britt the Writer.


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