NeS1 Post 220 is written as a prequel to NeS1 Post 219, where Semievil had walked in with the Narrator hog-tied on his back. Gonk2m4 had come whizzing into the arena in NeS1 Post 216. Now it crashes into Enchilada Man's taco stand and, in vengeance, a flying taco fires at Gonk. The droid lands upside down, with its legs still running in the air, while the Narrator, now on Semievil's back, is burnt to a crisp.


Narrator(temporarily having been relived of the duct-tape over his mouth): "And now, for something compleatly different[Ext 1]."

The camera shifts to the top of Gonk2m4, still wearing the ragged bunny suit, and ripping up the arena floor with his blinding speed, just in time to crash into the remaining framework of Enchilada Man's taco stand. Suddenly a vengeful flying taco descends from the sky, firing twice, and disappearing again. From one blast Gonk2m4 was knocked off it's feet and was now gonking like mad, still running, but upside-down, so going nowhere. From the other blast, the charred remains of the narrator sitting on Sem's back.

Sem, his ears having been blackened by the blast that took out the narrator: "Storywriters thier aim need to work on! yes!"

Scribed into one of the narrator's smoking bones was this message:"And now, for something compleately different."


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