Ares, with his god-strength, tosses Rob X, his match opponent, into orbit. He waits around for two months before he checks to see Rob X come falling back down into the arena. Rob X, as with many NeS Characters, is able to survive comic levels of violence and pulls himself from the hole he'd made with a quip.


Yes i am busy with that, but....

Ares: "Yeah, Galv your free to go...."

Galvatron: "Cool. See ya..." (Galvatron flies away....)

Ares notices RobX attempting to sneak up on him....

Ares: "Oh no you dont...." Ares grabs RobX by the collar, and throws him into orbit....

2 months later....

Ares is looking at his watch: "He should be returning right about....."

RobX suddenly appears in the sky falling toward the ground at incredible speed. He hits the ground with a earthshattering THUD.

Ares: "Ahhhh... Right on time...."

RobX pulls himself out of the 200 foot deep hole he created: "Oh man... And i thought i knew what pain was before...."

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