In NeS1 Post 216 Semievil asks the Storywriter to help him in his flight from Trixie, the cyborg-rotteweiler, as she chases him around the arena. As if to grant that boon Morris the Cat suddenly steps in and smacks Trixie aside, sparing Semievil. Morris then, however, sees the Yodafied Semievil and his kitty instincts kick in so he starts to bat Semievil around. Semievil curses the Storywriters for this until the Gonk2m4 droid, who had gone whizzing out of the arena in NeS1 Post 161, suddenly whizzes back into the arena and Morris chases it instead.


Sem: "One second, wait! Hadicap me for my size do they? And well they should not! For my ally is the storywriter, and a powerful ally he is."

Suddenly sem stops and turns to face Trixie.... suddenly he turns around and starts running again.

Sem: "Story writer too long taking is!!!"

after a few more minutes of running and cursing sem is saved as Trixie is smitten under the giant paw of Morris.

Sem: "Whew"

Spotting sem, morris' playful inner kitten is activated, and sem finds himself being batted around like so many catnip-toy mice.


After a few long moments a faint buzz is heard, and sem looks up... no now down.... no, now he's right-side-up again, perking his long, pointed ears.

Suddenly, having now slowed down to a still impressive 578 GPS ("gonk"s per second) Gonk2m4 comes tearing through the arena, narrator still tied, screaming, to the top of the gonkish framework, and sem is saved as morris bounds off in persuit of this more entertaing quarry.

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