NeS1 Post 215 sees Semievil tackling Trixie after she caught him in her bedroom in the previous post. Still Yodafied since NeS1 Post 195, Semievil is short and green but dressed now as a bullfighter that is whipping his red-lined cloak at the cybernetic-rottweiler. Trixie attached the dog-jaw weapon, that Semievil had fashioned from Trixie's own jaw and hindleg in NeS1 Post 193, to her head and charged at him like a bull. Being at a disadvantage because of his stature, Semievil decided to run away.


Sem, always one to think on his feet(save during coke[Ext 1] withdrawl periods) flips the cloak around, showing the soft, velevety red inside.

Suddenly dressed in a peculiar bull-fighting outfit(all the more peculiar as it is 30x his yoda-ish size) Sem shakes out his cloak.

Tixie, suddenly having lost the stars stuck in her fur, picks up the heavily beaded bones from the floor, and rapidly fasions them into horns.

Realizing that he might actually have to FIGHT the brute(although remarkably dainty) trixie, despite his obvious handicap(being the size of a office trash can) does the only thing he can; RUN AWAY!!!!!! zipping out past the others in a flurry of loose-clothing and red velvet he starts lapping the arena w/ trixie close on his little green arse.....


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