In NeS1 Post 213 Miss Fire is sitting in her ship watching a television because she is stuck in a traffic jam to get away Ares' Colosseum and the comet bound for the Super Stardestroyer. She checks the Pay-Per-View that shows the updates of the arena battles before she switches to Amazing Discoveries and sees an advertisement for a book called "Chicken Soup for the Bloodthirsty" that claims to hold the solution to all problems in life. She then switched to Dawson's Creek instead.


*Go figure. The next post is by me.*

*Out in the arena's parking lot, the former bad writers of the Neverending Story tried desperately to get away. But having twenty Star Destroyers and a Superstar Destroyer lead by Grand Admiral Thrawn made quite a traffic jam for all teh poor unfortunate souls who wwere trying to get away, having realized too late that the Neverending story was in fact never going to end.*

*Miss Fire, one of the many trying to escape the wretched arena, sat watching the monitor in her ship, since she was obviously going nowhere. Remote in hand, she watched, eating her salad *gotta keep that hot figure and all, no pun intended*.*

Miss Fire: (as she watches the latest on the Neverending Story, the special on Pay-Per-View[Ext 1] for teh past six months) Man, and I thought it was bad before...

*She changes the channel to watch "Amazing Discoveries".*

"...have you had Imperial trouble getting in your way. How about big cats that hold supernatural powers? Or maybe you recently turned into a Yoda-look-alike. Whatever the case be, the solution is held within this book, "Chicken soup for the bloodthirsty". It tells about how violence is the solution to all problems, along with suicide, drugs, and achohol. You can get this book now for only $99.99, not including shipping and handling, no refunds accepted, no-"

*Miss Fire continues to flip through the channels until she found herself watching "Dawson's Creek[Ext 2]".*

(someone else can resolve the Morris and Oter's situation. :) )


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