NeS1 Post 212 Morris the Cat rages that he, as NeS mascot pet, has been replaced by Trixie, Antestarr's pet cybernetic dog. He vows to puke on Antestarr's shoes in vengeance and that he will attack Trixie.


*As Antestarr stands with pride and joy written on his face because of his pet, Trixie, the earth-shattering unstoppable force of the universe steps in. Jealousy starts to flow from the omnipitant all-lovable being as he stares with eyes that could kill at Antestarr. Being replaced by Trixie was the biggest mistake Antestarr could ever make., he would pay. Antestarr would feel the being's wrath, with just a few, simple words.*

"Whatcha think you doin' with the dog foo?"

*It was Morris the Cat, more encompassing than ever. The cat continued.*

"How dare you replace me! And you had teh nerve to replace me with a dog! A DOG! What were you thinking? I'm gonna throw up all over your nice shoes, then I'm gonna show that b**ch whose boss."

*Antestarr tried to plead with Morris as the cat made his way to Trixie. Only fate will decide whether the superpower can be stopped though. Will trixie prove to be the underdog in the end? Tune in, cuz somebody's bound to post after this one!*

(dead silence from teh audience. The thread is never touched again.)

*Damn, forgot to knock on wood...*

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