In NeS1 Post 211 Semievil realises he could be in trouble as Trixie has returned and he still has the Dog-Jaw weapon he made from her bones. He gets The Otter to come down into the arena from The Crow's Nest and gives him the weapon and the cloak he had been wearing when he last fought Antestarr. He then tells Otter that Trixie is giving out these beaded-weapons, hoping Trixie will maul Otter instead of himself.


Sem: "bad could this be... mmmm... yes..."

Sem rushes up to the crows nest, grabs the otter, and rushes back into the arena.

Sem: "Hold for this, will you a second otter?"

Otter, taking the now heavily beaded bones missing from Trixie's leg and jaw: "whoa! cool, where did you get this?"

Sem, backing out of the arena, maintaining a low profile: "ummm.... see that big doggie with the stars stuck in her fur? she hands them out."

Otter: "all right! here doggie, doggie, doggie!"

Just before he leaves the arena, Sem gives the otter the flowing black cloak he wore on his last encounter with trixie.

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