NeS1 Post 210 Trixie, Antestarr's massive pet Rottweiler, is in an operating room after Semievil broke and detached her jaw and hind leg in NeS1 Post 193. After surgery she has had cybernetic implants to replace much of her body, including the hind leg that had been removed. Trixie bound into the arena but her eyes locked with those of the constellation-bear Ursa Major. The two left together but returned shortly with a litter of cute half-cybernetic dog, half-space bear puppies with deathrays and claws.


*Ever since the incident with Sem, Trixie had been in the OR of a nearby ship. The technicians and paramedics were huddled around her, giving commands for instruments.*

Doctor: Scalpel! Clamp! Stethoscope! Mop! Bucket! Squeegee! 1000 pounds of titanium! Welder! Shovel! Catheter! Garden Hose! Jelly Donut! Ice Cream Dispenser! French Midget!

Nurse: Why do you need a French Midget?

Doctor: They're so cute. I wanted to take one home with me. Ok, we're almost done here...

*With the whirring of an electric screwdriver and the buzz of a table saw coming to a halt, the group steps away from the operating table. Standing on it is Trixie, with a new, metallic sheen in various areas around her body, one leg being completely robotic.*

Doctor: There we have it. The 6-million dollar rotwieler.

*Various claps fill the room as Trixie bounds back into the arena. She views Antestarr riding atop a large constellation while a strange Yoda-like creature tugs at its foot. Trixie's eyes meet with the constellation's, and sappy music begins to play.*

Otter (looking over): Uh-oh...

*Urs tosses Antestarr and Sem aside and rushes over to Trixie. The two then move off to some place out of sight. Sem approaches Antestarr.*

Sem: Gone they are. We now fight?

Antestarr: Umm... alright, fine.

*Just then, a large litter of half-bear, half cybernetic rotweiler puppy creatures run into the arena, followed by Urs and then Trixie, who is smoking.*

Antestarr: Awww... they're so cute! And look, their little teeth are razor sharp and they have deathrays in their tails... I could just hug them all to death!

*The group gather around Antestarr as if he is a loving father. A bead of sweat runs down Sem's cheek as he starts to back away...*

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