In NeS1 Post 209 MaybeChild finds The Otter and Gebohq in The Crow's Nest and settles down with Otter to smoke a hookah pipe. Otter has a different magazine for each of the current NeS Heroes, which culminates in a magazine about livestock for Antestarr which he quickly tells MaybeChild not to ask about.


*Maybe is still running around trying to find her Kombachka[Ext 1] mushroom when she finds...*

Maybe:"Oh hey, Otter. Its you again."

*Otter sits in beanbag reading the old asian edition of Hustler[Ext 2] whilst smoking on a hookah[Ext 3]*

Otter:"mmmyes it is I."

Maybe:"hey geb, have you seen by mushroom run by again?"

*Geb's head still cocked w/ jaw dropped and eyes wide open*

Geb(eyes never leaving mag):"huh? wha?"

Maybe(confused):"'no?', whats that supposed to mean?"

Otter:"Maybe, maybe, maybe....forgetta 'bout it! just sit hear w/ me and my big, jolly friend Caterpillar[Ext 4] while we 'enjoy' the company of the hookah."


*Maybe pulls up another beanbag next to 'the Caterpillar' and Otter, and begins to smoke on the hookah,when Otter hands her a Metallica[Ext 5] fan club mag*

Maybe(big grin on face):"OOOOOOOOOOOH...why do you have this?"

Otter:"I have a mag for each fighter to ahem...'look at for visual pleasure'"

*points to the different mags for the fighters, such as: the latest issue of 'The Women of the Starship Enterprise[Ext 6]' for Semi, a 'Modern Technology' mag for Raistlin[Ext 7], and...*

Maybe:"pictures of livestock?"

Otter(takes pipe out of mouth and looks at ground):"uh...thats uh, for Ante. (interrupts maybe before she can say anything) I don't know so don't ask!"

*both then continue to smoke on hookah...*


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