In NeS1 Post 208 Raistlin Majere is unable to sleep due to his illness. When he sees a floating, animated bottle of medicine he regrets ever going to drink with college kids. The Otter and Gebohq Simon, meanwhile, are still in The Crow's Nest and, after Gebohq takes a lampshade from his head that he has been wearing since NeS1 Post 154, they start reading pornographic magazines.


*If Raistlin[Ext 1] had any weaknesses, it was with his physical condition. Not only was being a magic-user draining on his physical side, but he often went into fits of coughs. And with it being spring, Raistlin dreaded his existance all the more. And no matter how many group therapy sessions he went to, he couldn't be convinced that allergies were his friend.*

Raistlin: *Hack-cough-cough* can I get any sleep like this?

*To his surprise, an animated NightQuil[Ext 2] bottle was dancing by his side, along with some over-the-counter friends.*

dancing Nightquil bottle: Belly-up! Belly-up 'til your passed out!

Raistlin: I knew I shouldn't of drank "beast". Those college kids...


Otter: Um..Geb?

Geb: What?

Otter: Why do you still have a lampshade on your head?

Geb: Huh? Oh. I was wondering why it was kind of dark...

*Gebohq fumbles to try taking the lampshade off his head.*

Geb: I can't see.

*TheOtter proceeds to clap twice. Geb's head lights up like a jack-o-lantern.*

Geb: And Momma always said that my lightbulb wasn't on. Goes to show her!

Otter: *as he prceeds to clap twice again, then take Geb's lampshade off his head* "Hush up and here" *hands Geb the "Old asian women edition" of Hustler[Ext 3]* "This might be more interesting than what you're reading--WHOOPS! Wrong one, that's my personal favorite." *hands Latistia Casta[Ext 4] issue instead* "Here ya go."

*Geb's jaw hangs limp while a certain something else geos from being limp.*

*A reader witnessing the event.* "Eww...that's just nasty. I didn't know you could use duct tape that way-that isn't right!..."

(*Brought to you by Gebohq. Pushing the boundaries of bad taste for your reading enjoyment *)


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