In NeS1 Post 207 the Yodafied Semievil is 'upgrading' his dog-jaw weapon when Ursa Major looms over him. Upon seeing the bear's mighty claws, Semievil grabs the bear's paw and is determined to take the claws for himself. Being Yodafied, however, all he can do is cling to the bear's paw as it ignores him and stomps off.


Meanwhilst the still Yodafied Sem, still wielding the dog-jaw weapon, which he has now fitted with some cheap plastic beads, is trying to remove the last strands left from the hot-glue gun when a massive claw sets down beside him.

Ursa Major: "reaough!!!"

Sem: "hmm.... pretty claw this is...yes..."

Sem grabs the claw and begins trying to detach it from it's owner.

Sem: "HM! my claw this is now, or I will release you not!"

Ursa Major: "reagh!"

The bear proceeds to walk away, Sem clinging to the front left claw, cursing vhemently.... and backwards.... and the great bear ignoring him.

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