In NeS1 Post 206 Raistlin Majere decides to cause some chaos in Ares' Colosseum by using magic to capture the entire volcano colosseum within a bubble and transports it to the comet that had been headed for Earth. Antestarr makes an announcement that Ares wants more action from the participants in the arena because ratings have been dropping on the televised events. In response Raistlin ups the ante by adjusting the trajectory of the comet towards The Chimera, the super stardestroyer orbiting Earth, and then forces the constellation of Ursa Major to come down to the arena as a giant starry bear. Antestarr gets excited and tries to ride the bear.


*Realizing that there wasn't nearly enough havoc in the arena, Raistlin[Ext 1] decides that now is the time for his most powerful spells.*

Raistlin: Hmm... now let's see here... comma esta jikara?

*A white rabit appears from his sleeve.*

Raistlin: Dang. Wrong one. Ah! Here we are: sikkar nobos estopolis takahashi!

*The volcano, arena, and everything within it begin to shake violently. A sphere of atmosphere appears around it as the entire area rises from the firm attachment to the earth, flies several thousand miles, and plants itself on the looming comet, still poised to strike earth just as soon as Ares decides to return for more fun.*

*Just then, a letter arrives. The sender is "Pay-per-View[Ext 2](tm)". It somehow lands in the hands of Antestarr.*

Antestarr: Hmm... "Dear participants of the salvation of the world. Ares has sold the control of the looming comet to us. We are using the action to get lots and lots of money. However, our ratings are starting to waver, since it's not quite as 'life-threatening' or 'adventureous'. Please raise the action level a notch, or we will be forced to crash the comet into the planet, destroying it. Thank you and have a nice day." Seems pretty heavy to me.

Raistlin: Well, we'll just see about "life-threatening" and "adventureous".

*Raistlin whispers two more magic spells. The first starts the comet on a crash course, arena first, towards the bridge of the Super-Star-Destroyer. The second brings the constellation Ursus Major down into the arena.*

Raistlin: (yawn) Now I need some sleep.

*He ascends into the announcer's booth, puts on a symphonic CD of tension building music, and doses off to sleep.*

Antestarr: OOO! A Great Bear! Let's go ride it!

*Antestarr proceeds to climb onto the back of the bear. The bear, in reaction to this outright invasion of his personal bubble, starts to run around the arena wildly, smashing into things and occasionally doing flips in the air...*


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