In NeS1 Post 203 a tour guide is showing a group of tourists around the Massassi Temple Offices and she introduces the various Writers like they're animals in a zoo. As MaybeChild the Writer chases after Otter the Writer with a bat she becomes distracted by the tour guide's breasts and trips on a soda can. She breaks Gebohq the Writer's computer and he sarcastically proclaims he can't write anymore. The Editor, however, threatens that he'll be made to use a typewriter and then steals Gebohq the Writer's stapler.


*At the main entrance to the offices in teh Massassi Temple Neverending story writers' section, a well-endowed blond tour guide giuded a group of tourists through the offices.*

Ditzy tour guide: And to your right you can see Semievil *hooked to the IV of Coke[Ext 1]*. To your left is Antestarr *trying to shove Morris hte cat away with his foot as he is typing*. Oh look, several empty offices--those silly disgruntled writers. Who knows what building they'll decide to bomb next. Oh look, here comes theOtter, followed by Maybechild *Maybechild chases after theotter with a whiffle bat. Otter looks at the tourgiude, and distracted by her two,, trips over a used coke can and falls over onto Gebohq's computer.*

Gebohq: Oh darn, my computer's broken. Guess I can't write anymore...

Editor: *grabbing Geb by hte collar* oh no you don't! You're gonna use a typewriter if you have to.

Geb: Urgh...

Editor: And I'll have to take your stapler too. And don't forget about those GPS reports.

Geb: Not my stapler...I-I-I'm gonna burn down the building. Yeah, he took my stapler. Just they see...


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