NeS1 Post 200 continues the story of the Writers in the Writers' Realm where Semievil333 the Writer finds a Dr Pepper truck come around the corner. He discovers, however, that the drivers of the truck have been decapitated by The Otter and Mel Brooks. Though he expects them to attack him too, they just drive away and leave him with a terrified teenage boy afraid of his boss, Mr Tribiani.


*Trying w/ all his might Sem pushed the button for some precious caffeinne, but alas to no avail. just then Sem hears a familar jingle,"..this is the taste, the one of a kind taste of goodness..." but before the jingle had time to finish Sem screamed in fanatical joy...*

Sem:"DR. PEPPER[Ext 1]!"

*Sem's eyes get as big as silver dollars as the Dr. Pepper truck rides up (in actuality it was a commercial being taped) he starts to instinctively reach out his hand for the Dr. Pepper, but before he could get in reach of it changed courses*


*As Sem closely watches it, as it turns to the left slightly and then stop. Sem walks around the back to get a closer inspection and finds that the two men driving the truck had been mercilessly been decapetated by...*

Sem:"Jar Jar Binks[Ext 2] and Qui Gon-jin[Ext 3]?"

*Their obviously FAKE counterparts take off their masks to unveil the Otter and (special guest star) Mel Brooks[Ext 4]!*

Mel Brooks and Otter(in unison):"later."

Sem(angry):"What do you mean 'later.' aren't ya gonna fight me or say something witty and then speed off into th..

*But before Sem could finish his complaint they were already gone*

*In the truck*

Otter:"but i thought that was witty.."

Mel Brooks:"Nope, more random than anything else."


*Back @ the intersection*

¤Sem still staring @ where the two sped off to, a shaky teenage boy that was breaking out w/ a constanly changing voice, ran up next to Sem panting¤

Teenager:"Mr.Tribiani gonna have my head on a post..."

Sem(to himself):"hmph...its probably better than this one..."


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