NeS1 Post 2 sees Miss Fire, the all-action hero, discover that the leftovers, which had come from Galvatron's mini-fridge and been there so long they'd gained sentience, are still alive after she'd attempted to murder it in NeS1 Post 1. She decides to be nicer to it and feeds the blobby leftovers a hot dog. Happy with the meal, the blob excitedly jumps down into the Arena where Rob X and Ares are trying to continue their duel.


Miss Fire continued watching the fight, but before too much longer, she started getting bored. Looking down, she noticed something on the ground: it was a piece of the leftovers that had survived --it was pulsing on the ground. Having nothing else to do, she pulled out her lightsaber and started poking it with the handle. It wiggled some more. Then she had an idea. She ordered a hot dog then fed it to the blob. It liked that. Jumping up, it ran to the arena where Ares and Rob x were fighting. 

Miss Fire: Oops

They continued fighting, not noticing the tiny blob. Until Rob x stepped on it.


Gebohq's Commentary


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