NeS1 Post 198 sees Antestarr fighting with a Yodafied Semievil. Semievil is clutching to his weapon made from the bones of Trixie while Antestarr has him hoisted up and waggling both the weapon and Semievil around. In the Writers' Realm, Semievil333 the Writer is in hospital and needs to take Coca-Cola to the veins for the caffeine.


Meanwhilst, Ante, back down in the arena, is attempting to dis-arm Sem, who despite his newfound from is still wielding a formidable weapon (which the storywriters have agreed to let him have until it drops in the natural course of the story) thus it is an akward scene, Sem holding on to the end of the dog bones, Ante holding the jaw, shaking it, with Sem attached around in the air, and Sem's cloak, now of course slightly large comming from a 6'4" skeleton to a 1'6" muppet-looking jedi gnome, is waving around so that it looks like Ante is trying to signal the crow's nest.

Sem, with apropriate voice: "NO! MY weapon it is, or I will duel you not!"

At the same time Sem the story-guy is laid up in the hospital, and a youngish nurse comes into the room, bearing food, and several recent bruises.

Sem story guy: "Sem, not does Coke[Ext 1], function well without!"

The nurse(judged by the older nurses in the hospital to be the only one capable of running this gauntlet) dodges aside just in time to be missed by a piece of the bed, that Sem, despite the restraints, managed to work loose and throw. Throwing the food onto the bedside table she makes a hasty retreat, closing the door in time to stop a hypodermic needle that burrows deep into the wood. Seeing she is gone, Sem the story guy takes out one of 4 remaining hypodermic needles that he has managed to get filled with coke, injects himself, and rubs his wrists where he has broken the feeble restraints.

Sem story-guy: "hmm.... if I don't get out of here soon caffine withdrawl might become a serious issue...."


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