In NeS1 Post 197 Gebohq is told by The Otter not to ask what is in the closet of The Crow's Nest and, instead, he finds a copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and starts to read it. The Otter, meanwhile, teaches The Indigo Girls how to play a sex game called 'Dehlia game'.


Geb: Should I dare ask what's in hte closet?

Otter: No.

Geb: OK then. Mmmm...what's this?

*Gebohq picks up "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy[Ext 1]" and starts to read it.*

*Meanwhile, theOtter teaches his women the "Dehlia game", where he gets to tickle their, um...yeah.*

(And then the Geb writer gets fired for being so lazy to make a short and meaningless post. But then again, when have ANY of these posts have a meaning? Lemme leave you with a question: how many posts does it take to get to teh end of a neverending story? The world may never know...)


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