In NeS1 Post 196, The Otter is faced with the problem of his bunny girls, The Indigo Girls, finding his Swedish penis-enlarger. After consulting various parts of his body for help on what to do he settles on distracting the woman by asking them to look elsewhere and then simply throws the device out of the window of The Crow's Nest.


*Otter stands there w/ a surprised look on his face*

Otter(talking to himself w/ inside voice):"uh...uh..looks to brain)

Otter's brain:"Don't look @ me!"

*looks down to stomach*

Otter's stomach:"Mmm....Rolos[Ext 1]...."

*looks down to.interrupts)

Otter's d*ck:"Aw, shaddup! you know what im gonna say anyway..."

Otter(laughs to himself):"hehe...oh yeah."

*lightbulb goes off*

Otter:"hey girls! look over there!"(points in opposite direction of SPE)

*Otter quickly grabs the SPE and throws it out of the Crow's Nest window*

Otter:" can stop looking over there now..."

Bunnies:"wha? (giggle) okay!"


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