In NeS1 Post 195 Antestarr is thrust into battle against Semievil with nothing but a tooth that came from Morris the Cat's mouth. Semievil, from NeS1 Post 193, is wielding the weapon made from Trixie's bone. Antestarr the Writer then complains to Semievil333 the Writer about his use of the weapon, stating that Semievil the Character must abide by the rules of the EverQuest game that Semievil is influenced by. Semievil333 the Writer refuses so Antestarr the Writer bashes him with a rubber ducky. Before he can write out the weapon, however, Gebohq the Writer insists that he must honour the choice of weapon since Antestarr the Writer put Semievil the Writer in hospital. Instead Semievil the Character becomes "Yodafied", essentially turned into the visage of Yoda from Star Wars.


Suddenly Ante is thrust unpreped into battle, wielding only a tooth of morris' that fell out when he was eating whatever small nation he ate last, and a canister of silly string.

Ante the storywriter: "Wait a second, Sem, you can't use that weapon."

Sem the storywriter: "WTH do you mean I can't use that weapon!?!?"

Ante storywriter: "Well, you play EQ[Ext 1], you tell me- you are wielding a Shaman-type[Ext 2] weapon with a Dark-Evil type charachter. you have to change the weapon to something more fitting. Like a Gigantic black-enamal executioner's axe."

Sem storywriter: "I don't wanna! I like my weapon!"

Ante story-guy suddenly picks up a rubber duck from the table, and hits Sem story guy in the head, rendering him unconsious.

EMT Has to take Sem off to examine the possability of concussion.

Ante story guy, to the rest of the story board: "Ok.... now to change that weapon."

Gebohq story guy: "Ante that's not fair, you hit him, you have to honor his wishes.... he keeps the weapon."

Ante story guy: "DOH!"

Moments later, back in the arena Ante squares off with Sem, now a suspiciously accurate rendition of Yoda[Ext 3], only 6 inches shorter...... and still wielding the Dog-Jaw weapon...


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