In NeS1 Post 194 Gebohq Simon is still stoned from NeS1 Post 174 and finds himself in The Crow's Nest watching the Indigo Girls that The Otter has for his 'bunny girls'. When he points out the penis enlarger, Otter is embarrassed that the Indigo Girls will find it.


*Geb, still, er..."far out there" from the happy hour session, sits in the Crow's Nest, watching Otter and his women. OK, so just his women.*

Geb: Wow...those are SOME groovy chicks. Hey Otter, what's that over there?

Otter: (wisperign) Shut u-up.

*The Otter is placed in a very um...sticky prediciment when his "bunnies" see the swedish-made penis enlarger behind the toilet.*


Britt's Commentary

"The Swedish penis enlarger is a reference to a gag from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery[Ext 1]." ~ Britt the Writer


External References

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