In NeS1 Post 193 Semievil and Antestarr continue their fight from NeS1 Post 191 with Semievil on the ground minus one of his bone legs. He removes another bone and smacks Antestarr between his legs, which the referee forbids and forces Semievil into a time out. Semievil crawls to the Officials Board and beats the official with a femur until he gives Semievil what he wants. Semievil gets a whole new body; a complete skeletal body of shiny jet-black. He does this with a programming change and he then proceeds to re-enter the arena, now wielding a new weapon which seems to be made from the upper jaw and hind leg of Trixie, the dog that stole his leg in NeS1 Post 191.


Reacting swiftly, Sem removes his other leg and pulls a rapid up swing into Ante's chin.

Ante stumbling back, Sem throws a bone from his leg at Ante, hitting him........ below the belt.

Mills[Ext 1]:"No hits below the belt! I wanted a good clean fight! Time out for you!"

His plan having succeded Sem drags himself off to the official's table and beats the DMV[Ext 2] guy with a femur until he gives Sem a black suitcase.

Sem hides under his cloak for several minutes, as a low rumble shakes through the arena.

Sem emerges, now again a complete skeleton, this time in a shiny jet-black bone color that matches his cloak perfectly, to the sound of 4 hollow, haunting chords.

Ante shinks back in horror as he recognizes the overature[Ext 3] to JCS[Ext 4].

Sem realizes that although this is good fight music, it would give him an unfair advantage and changes it to the Mortal Combat theme[Ext 5].

Following this minor programing change Sem re-enters the arena, black cloak flowing dramatically, wielding a peculiar weapon that appears to have been fasioned from the upper jaw and hind leg of Tixie.

<note:as part of Sem's new skeleton, the broken, Barney[Ext 6] tie-dyed ribs have been replaced.>


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