In NeS1 Post 191 Antestarr is enraged due to the death of his horse in NeS1 Post 190 and, to deal with Semievil, he calls his pet dog Trixie. The Rottweiler is and abnormal five feet tall and over two-hundred pounds; which it uses to overcome Semievil quickly and take his bone-leg off. While incapacitated, Antestarr starts to kick Semievil in the ribs.


*Antestarr, twisted in rage at the loss of the horse, loses control over his mind and body.*

Antestarr: You... you animal! How could you ruthlessly drown my horse in a sea of... uh... canvas!? First the cast and now this?! I CAN'T TAKE THIS KIND OF ABUSE!! *Antestarr puts two fingers in his mouth and whistles.* Trixie! Come 'ere girl!

Sem: Trixie? And who's that, your mommy?

*Sem starts laughing uncontrollably until his eyes fall on the 5 foot tall, 250 pound Rotweiler that had just bounded from Ante's vessel to the scene of the fight. The dog proceeded to leap onto Sem, catching him off guard and knocking him off balance. Trixie then proceeded to grab one of Sem's legs with her teeth, pulled it out of socket, and trotted off contently knawing on the bone and searching for a proper burial spot.*

Ante (approching the dog): Good girl *pets her*. That's my wonderful puppy. You get extra table scraps tonight. *Returning to Sem* Now, as for you, take this!

*Ante proceeds to kick Sem in the ribs with the foot that resided in the cast, leaving red, yellow, green, and purple marks all in proper shapes...*

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