In NeS1 Post 190 the arena of Ares' Colosseum changes, again, to better equate a combat arena. After getting some advice from his mentor, Antestarr is ready to fight against Semievil. Semievil, however, activates quicksand and the horse, Artax, that Antestarr was riding is sucked down and killed in the sand - Semievil laughing the whole while.


*The arena now takes on an appearance that more suits its ultimate purpose: as a fighting arena. In one corner was Semievil, jumping up and down, fists in front of him, ready to fight his contender. In the opposing corner was Antestarr, still resentful because he recieved a Barney[Ext 1] and Telli-Tubby[Ext 2] cast from his injuries. Antestarr was being given a few words of advise from his mentor, who looked suspisiously like the old guy[Ext 3] in "The Karate Kid[Ext 4]".*

"Now Ante," the old guy started "remember: wax the car, paint the fence, and the crane."

"What are you talking about?" Antestarr said. "What's a car? What fence? And I don't own a crane, I just want to kick this guy's @$$!"

*The old man sighed, and Sem met Antestarr (who was riding on his horse, Artex[Ext 5]) in the middle of the ring. The referee, who looks a lot like Mills Lane[Ext 6], signaled tehm to begin fighting.*

"Haha!" Sem said. "i shall use my quicksand attack!"

"But there isn't any sand here." Antestarr replied.

*Never the less, Antestarr was sinking into the arena. He got off his horse and urged it to move out of the trap. It would not move however, and Antestarr began pleading*

"Artex, you must move! You have to. ATREX, PLEASE! ARTEX!!!"

*Antestarr kneeled before the space that occupied his beloved horse, and Sem laughed at the psychological damage he put Ante through.*


Britt's Commentary

"The death of Artax is mimicking the death of Artax in The Neverending Story[Ext 7]." ~ Britt the Writer


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