In NeS1 Post 188 Antestarr is explaining how he gave Semievil a long pike (an attempt at a retcon as Semievil333 the Writer confused Antestarr the Writer's writing choices for the Character's in NeS1 Post 187) after trying to order a dyke from the Officials' Board. Upon saying this a group of lesbian activists, calling themselves The Indigo Girls, burst into the Crow's Nest, ready to beat up Antestarr for making such a crude request. They are distracted, however, by The Otter's porn stash. Otter kicks Antestarr out and The Indigo Girls become his 'bunnies'.


Ante(to Otter):"well, the funny thing is that i didn't even mean to give him a PIKE, i actually went to the DMV[Ext 1] table to order a DYKE, not a PIKE. But they didn't understand what i meant so they gave me something that sounded like it. They did say though that they would check if they had any and call me back later. I didn't have a use for the pike so i just gave it to Sem. That makes sense, doesn't it?"


*but before Otter could finish his confused response, The Indigo Girls kicked down the door to the "Crow's Nest". As you see, as soon as Ante placed an order for a "DYKE" the NOW caught wind and sent their representative, "The Indigo Girls" to well...kick his *** for making that crude request!*

Indigo Girls:"Which one of you made the deroggatory remarks toward lesbians?"

*Otter points @ Ante, Ante realizes he is being pointed @ and turns around to point a finger @ someonelse, but finds no one else and releases a resounding "D'oh!". But before the Indigo Girls drag Ante away, they see Otter's 'unusually large' collection of err...Gentlemen's magazines and decide otherwise to live @ the Crow's Nest instead*

Otter:"hey gals, are you still going to beat up Ante?"

Indigo Girls(all heads tilted to the side and drooling):"huh? uh...i dunno...i guess so..."

*Mindy (one of the Indigo Girls) picks up Ante and tosses him out of the Crow's Nest window, into the middle of the arena*

Otter(by this point Otter is walking around in a smoking jacket and smoking a pipe):"well done my bunnies, well done!"


Britt's Commentary

"The Indigo Girls appear to be based on the rock band "The Indigo Girls[Ext 2]" who are also lesbian activists. However the women in Otter the Writer's post do not reflect the actual members of the band, of which there are only two and neither of them are called 'Mindy'." ~ Britt the Writer


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