In NeS1 Post 187 Semievil discards his own skin and instead continues on as a skeleton. He orders new blood vessels from the Officials' Board of Ares' Colosseum so that adrenaline can pump through his skeletal frame. He then picks up his maul and intends to seek out Antestarr the Character, mixing up the writing decisions of Antestarr the Writer for the Character's actions in NeS1 Post 177.


Sem, still lying in a heap on the ground decides finally that his skin is too encumbering, and simply leaves it behind, leaving him as a stark white skeleton.

Finding this form much easier to mend, he swiftly repairs himself, adjusts his imposing black cloak, and stands, for only the second time scince he entered NES bolt upright, a towering 6'4".

He proceeds over to the ruined officials table where the battered, frightened DMV[Ext 1] veterans ask him to fill out no forms for the new set of blood vessels he orders(he needs veins for adrenaline to course through). This done he picks up the maul, somewhat coroded, from the ground. Having armed and repaired himself he now sets off in search of Antestarr, intent on vengance for the practical joke played on him with the pike.....


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