Antestarr is rushing back into the Arena Bar in NeS1 Post 184 after The Otter set it on fire in NeS1 Post 183. As Antestarr had been groping a woman in the bar, who didn't protest, it is now revealed that that woman was not actually a woman but a man.


*It is part of the female nature not to have their breasts held by another guy, that is, when the guy is doing this in a bar, drunk. Which is why it comes to no surprise to the female readers that when Antestarr came running out of the flaming bar, he brought what he thought was a big-breasted woman. Indeed, it had been the same person he was er...touching before, but what both Antestarr and theOtter didn't know was that the female was actually a he...*

*These kind of things can only be expected though when you are drunk. A certain Aerosmith[Ext 1] song played in the background as Antestarr would soon find out for himself who this person really was.*



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