In NeS1 Post 182 Antestarr is still completely stoned from NeS1 Post 174 and he starts talking in a surfer accent and hitting himself on the head with a shoe while talking to a friend on the phone. He then proceeds to the Arena Bar with The Otter where he meets a well-endowed woman and buys some champagne.


*Meanwhile, still sitting on the ground in an.. uh... influenced state, Antestarr pulls out his cell phone, dials up one of his friends, and starts talking in a surfer[Ext 1] accent.*

Antestarr: Yo, man!

Voice: Wazzup?

Antestarr: Man, you need to listen to this.

*Antestarr proceeds to take his shoe off and beat himself in the head with it.*

Voice: Woah, what was that?

Antestarr: My skull! Dude, man, I'm so freakin' wasted...

Otter (to self): Hmm... somebody watches a few too many movies for his own good.

*Antestarr then walks over to a new bar that has popped up in the arena as magically as the 7-11 had so many posts ago.*

Bartender: Can I help you?

Antestarr: A vodka tonic and a beer.

*As the bartender turns around to prepare the drinks, a well endowed woman approaches Antestarr.*

Antestarr: You know what? I'd like a bottle of your finest Champagne.

Otter: Uh-oh... here we go again...


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