In NeS1 Post 180, Semievil and Raistlin Majere continue their fight during a bout of fisticuffs. Raistlin eventually apologises to Semievil and agrees to replace his costume, having ruined it with lava. After that Semievil collapses into a heap of bones.


Sem, quite angered now, as the lava has now permanently stained the costume, and he still hasn't landed any blows, closes on Raistlin[Ext 1].

Raistlin: "go away, you long-past relic of necromancy."

Sem lands a swift blow with the staff.

Raistlin: "uogh"

Raistlin lets forth with a lighning bolt.

Sem responds to the sudden voltage with a burst of fury, landing a swift blow with his foot, and slipping the spear into Raistlin's side.

Raistlin: "eugh"

Sem grunts with satisfaction, and Raistlin lands a swift fist in Sem's jaw, but before he can retract it Sem locks the offending appendage into his elbow joint, and claps it shut, using a few of his finger bones as pins and bolts.

Raistlin: "eek!"

Raistlin attempts a retreat to recover, but finds himself hindered severly by 190 pounds of solid bone.

Raistlin grunts solidly, and finally apologizes, and agrees to replace the costume. Sem colapses into a disheveled pile of bones.


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