In NeS1 Post 178 Semievil is disgruntled with the previous Writer (Antestarr the Writer) for giving him a weapon he doesn't like and he snaps the pike into a small staff and a short spear. He also dismounts Galvatron, after only just mounting him in NeS1 Post 177, and proceeds to challenge Raistlin Majere.


(Sem mutters a curse at the story writers for giving him this flimsy little sharpened stick as a weapon)

Sem snaps the pike into 2 and 4 foot parts, leaving him with a shortened spear and a smallish staff...

Sem, dismounting, and still fuming(both from anger and lightnin'):"Get back here fool!! I ain' done with your lava-dripping arse..."


Britt's Commentary

"Semievil is addressing Raistlin Majere[Ext 1] from the previous post, NeS1 Post 177." ~ Britt the Writer


External References

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