In NeS1 Post 177, Raistlin Majere retaliates against Semievil with a magical spell that strikes lightning down upon Semievil's iron war maul and electrocutes him. When Raistlin turns in search of the dragon he can sense, Semievil gets a new pike from the Officials' Board and mounts Galvatron, who is now in his dragon form, ready to attack Raistlin.


*Raistlin[Ext 1], now prepared for the battle about to ensue, thinks quickly as to what he will do. He watches as Sem arms himself across the arena from his location.*

Raistlin (yelling across the arena): Heh. If you're going to try to be an evil pithy skeleton, you should at least do the evil part right. Now, watch and learn.

*Raistling holds his arms up to the sky and utters a few words that fall from his mouth like feathers from a pillow that had just smacked a man on the head. The "happy cloud" lifted into the air and began to rumble. A large lightning bolt fell from the cloud, ran through Sem's iron war maul, and caused him to start convulsing where he stood. After recovering, his charred black body was covered in smoke and several strands of bone were sticking straight up on top of his head.*

Raistlin: There! Now you know how to be evil. Now where did that dragon go...

*Sem, seeing this as an opportunity, rushes back to the official's table (magically fully refreshed) and grabs a six foot pike. He then proceeds to mount Galv and readies himself for a dragoon style assault.*


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