In NeS1 Post 172, Semievil, who has been caught by Antestarr in NeS1 Post 171 when he dressed up as a monster, is now in a sour mood and when Raistlin Majere appears before them with an insult at Semievil, the skeleton attacks and knocks him out. Semievil then uses banana peels to tie Raistlin up.


Sem, unamused by the lava Raistlin[Ext 1] is dripping on the cosume bids him stop.

Raistlin:"You pithy little skeleton, bugger off then!"

Sem, having had 2 rather large sandwiches tossed on him, slipped on a bananna peel, been tossed over a pit of lava is in no mood for this......

Letting out a mighty roar, and again lowering his massive, sheer-bone shoulder, he rushes Raistlin who absorbs the blow like a jello mold, and colapses unconsious on the ground, where sem quickly ties him down using fibers from the bananna peels.


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