In NeS1 Post 170, Raistlin Majere from the Dragonlance franchise appears from behind the bleachers in Ares' Colosseum and uses the funeral pyre of Justyn the Thread Killer to create a medicine for his ailment. He then detects the aura of Galvatron and mistakes it for the aura of a real dragon and prepares an attack. The NeS Heroes, after resting from running around in NeS1 Post 169, set about solving the mystery to the rampaging monster terrorising the arena.


*Amidst the running/dancing going on amongst the group, the twisted designers of this tread decide to throw in another obscure reference from somewhere that manages to break yet another copyright. Raistlin Majere[Ext 1] appears from the shadows of the bleachers, garbed in his classic red robes, his mottled metallic yellow skin glistening in the firelight, and his narrow golden eyes peering over the actions with his creepy hourglass shaped pupils contracting narrowly. (was that run-on enough?)*

Raistlin: Hmm... now how'd I get here... I knew that I disappeared from Krynn[Ext 2], but what is this place? *Coughs, and wipes blood from mouth* I need to fix up one of my herbal mixtures... that burning hulk of funeral pyre looks like a good place!

*Raistlin moves over to the funeral pyre of the great thread killer and prepares his herbal drink to soothe his coughing. A disgusting smell wafts over to the motley crew.*

TheOtter: Ruh-roh! Rats rot rinner!

*As Raistlin gulps down his mixture, his coughing subsides and he contemplates his next move. It is then that he senses the aura of Galv, and, mistaking it for the aura of a giant red dragon, dashes for cover to plan an attack spell.*

Antestarr: Can I have a plan yet?

Gang: NO!

Antestarr: Ok, how about we find out what the mystery is, then?

After a quick rest from running around the arena, the gang decides to go on and try to figure out why there would be a monster terrorizing the arena.*


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