In NeS1 Post 17, Galvatron gets a Holo Message from Cyclonus asking for him to attend a meeting. Galvatron has to seek permission from Ares, the one that summoned him to the Arena in NeS1 Post 1, if he can leave.



Ge: whats that?

Galv: oh thats just my holo messager.

*Little Hologram of Cyclonus appears*

Galv: yo Colin whats up?

HC: Your needed in a meeting.

Galv: ok ok.. I'll see if I can get out of here... Yo! Ares!

Ares: huh? What do *YOU* want now?

Robhmm.. hes Not paying attenion...

Galv: I gotta go to a meeting, Mind letting me leave for a little while?

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