In NeS1 Post 169 the NeS Heroes are parodies of Scooby-Doo Characters when a monstrous creature shows up and they run around in circles, imitating Scooby-Doo episodes until MaybeChild falls over and cries about losing her glasses. The Otter smacks her on the head to bring her out of her role as Velma and back to her senses.


Meanwhile, the kids are still standing at the scene of the mystery, looking pensive.

Antestarr: Well, gang, looks like we need to split up & look for clues. Geb, go with Maybe and the Otter, and Miss Fire & I will--(he got cut off)

Geb: Hey, how come you get to go with Miss Fire?

Maybe: (whacks Geb in the back of the head) Because you're going w/ me, dummy. (*echoes of "I'm the dummy, Micky, I'm always the dummy" are heard in Maybe's head--she shuts them up) Just don't tell a certain knight from the realm I came from.

*suddenly, an ungodly roar is heard as a frightening, hunched over green thing lumbers in* Geb: ZOINKS!!!

Maybe: Jinkies!

Miss Fire: Jeepers!

Antestarr: I've got a plan!

The Otter: (whispering to Antestarr) You're not supposed to have a plan yet, not for another 20 minutes...

Antestarr: Damn. Ok, then, RUN!!!

*mad chasing scene, w/ "Recipie for My Love[Ext 1]" from the Mr. Hyde[Ext 2] episode[Ext 3] playing. the entire group runs in mad circles around the place the layout of which MC does not know.*

Maybe: Gebby, I lost my glasses! help me find them!

Geb: uh, Maybe, you weren't wearing glasses.

Maybe: Jinkies! You mean that I've been missing my glasses all this time? Someone must have stolen them! Another mystery!

*the otter whacks MC in the back of the head* ah, thanks, Otter, I needed that. Nevermind that glasses crap, temporary idiocy...


Britt's Commentary

"The line where MaybeChild thinks "I'm the dummy, Mickey, I'm always the dummy" is a references to lines used in The Monkees[Ext 4] tv show[Ext 5].


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