In NeS1 Post 167 MaybeChild wishes to solve the mystery of Rob X's murder but Gebohq points out it was he that killed Rob X in a bout of temporary insanity, which happened in NeS1 Post 159, but Maybe wants to keep that a secret so she has an excuse to run a Scooby-Doo parody in which the group transforms into characters from the show to solve the mystery.


MaybeChild: Ohh, the mysterious disapearance of a crowd of unruly fans. The death of Rob X. Looks like a mystery needing a solution.

Gebohq: What are you talking about? I killed Rob X in "temporary insanity" and the crowd disappeared because they never existed.

Maybechild: Shhhh...don't let the audience know that! It's my evil way of slipping Scooby-Doo[Ext 1] references in here now.

Antestarr: Uh-oh...

*The arena takes on a old cartoon look to it. Maybechild looks very similar to Thelma[Ext 2], Miss Fire looks like Daffony[Ext 3], Antestarr looks like Freddy[Ext 4], and Gebohq looks like Shaggy[Ext 5]. Naturally, theOtter takes on the role of Scooby-Doo[Ext 6].*

Geb: Boy, I've suddenly got a craving for food.


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