In NeS1 Post 166 Semievil, realising that the fans headed towards him in NeS1 Post 165 are not females but scary males, he runs to the officials to request new weapons and a high-powered sound system. Blasting out battle music Semievil moves to attack the nerds in a beserker rage. However the crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation fix the space-time continuum and the nerds vanish so Semievil winds up smashing the memorial laid out for Justyn the Thread Killer.


Sem, relizing his mistake too late, is forced to act quickly.... so he must logically therefore..... RUN AWAY!!!!!

Lowering his shoulder, a sheer mass of solid bone, he lunges forward, and somewhat to the left, knocking 4 fans out of the way, and slamming annother to the ground. The short time this spectacular retreat has brought him gives him time to formulate a plan. Using the force he leaps the remaining distance to the official's table, fills out the required forms (4568, 1586, 1278, 2384a, 2384e, and 5002) and is granted 2 smallish axes, 2 bucklers, and a high power sound system.

Donning and activating the appropriate gear, a sudden blast of battle music sounds, with a distinctive celtic ring. Letting forth a blood-curdling roar, and working himself into a berzerker fenzy, he leaps down from the table and begins to tear through the crowd....

And then suddenly, the space-time tear repaired, the crowds of fans disappear, the star trek[Ext 1] crew vanishes, and sem is left spinning in wild circles, hacking deeply into anything that ventures near, including the duck atop the memorial built to the thread killer, which now lies in 3 pieces, eternally relived of it's squeak....


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