In NeS1 Post 165 MaybeChild is uncomfortable with Semievil's 'freshening up' but he informs her it's not for him but rather for masses of female fans he believes are headed to the arena. What he doesn't know, however, is that the fans of Star Trek and Star Wars are, apparently, all single, overweight males and now they are about to descend upon the arena, much to Semievil's horror.


*As Sem spritz some breath-freshener in his mouth, Maybechild backs away instinctivly*

Maybechild: Eeeeeah, that's OK.

Sem: What do you-oh. OH! thought, with me doing, hahahaa...that wasn't for you! You're not what I'm after. Rather, I await the young madiens coming my way.

Maybechild: That's a relief...I think. I don't know whether to take that in a good way or a bad way.

*What Semievil didn't know was that the 19-21 year old fanbase of Star Trek[Ext 1] and Star Wars[Ext 2] had not a single female in it, at least not any that were recognizably female. The mass of fans that came were rather all single (and with good reason) males: all overweight, unshowered from staying on the Internet, and wearing costumes or shirts saying "I love Star Trek" or "I love Star Wars".*

*Sem's eyes grew wide as he saw the grand army of nerds heading his way. He would have to do something about this situation quickly.*


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