In NeS1 Post 164 MaybeChild is introduced to the NeS Heroes after seeing Gonk fly by in a bunny suit, from NeS1 Post 161. Gebohq explains the gonk is a problem because it should be dead, as in NeS1 Post 160, but this only confuses Maybe.


Suddenly, a short girl wanders in.

MaybeChild: Um, is it just me, or did I just see a pink bunny suit go flying by?

Antestarr: It's just you.

Geb: Be nice. Yeah, you did, problem was that the dude in that bunny suit was supposed to be dead!

Sem *noticing Maybe's helpless, confused look* : Geb, you're confusing the poor thing even more. *another spritz of breath freshener* ....

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