In NeS1 Post 162 Gebohq points out the conflicting posts made by Semievil333 the Writer and Otter the Writer regarding The Otter, the Character, killing the Gonk droid in NeS1 Post 160 but in NeS1 Post 161 Semievil dresses the droid in a bunny suit and sends it flying out of the arena. When Gebohq notices the conflict he asks where Semievil got the bunny outfit and he explains it comes from The Otter's wardrobe, who tries to proclaim his innocence. Because of the paradox the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation[Ext 1] arrive in search of the space-time break.


Geb: Uh-oh

Antestarr: What da ya mean "Uh-oh"?

Geb: Don't you just realized what's happened? The inevitable CONFLICTING POSTS PHENOMEONON just rolled on by. Gonk is dead AND he's speeding away in a bunny suit. *turning to Sem*Where the hell did you find that bunny suit anyway?

Sem: *With a grin on his face*In theOtter's closet.

Otter: (in austin powers[Ext 2] voice)It's not mine, I swear!

*Sem pulls out a video tape cover that looks like the cover for "A Christmas Story[Ext 3]", but it says "A Neverending Story" instead. theOtter is wearing a pink bunny suit, with Semievil, Gebohq on either side. Other notable characters are in the background.*

Otter: It's a forgery! They're trying to frame me man!

Antestarr: Sorry to stop your wonderful conversation, but shouldn't it of not exist in the first place?

Geb: (looking at his chrono[Ext 4])3..2..1..

*At that moment, the crew of Star Trek: the Next Generation[Ext 5] steps in, tricorders[Ext 6] in their hands*

Picard[Ext 7]: Captain's Log stardate 12345678.9. We have landed on an M class[Ext 8] planet that is experiencing a rare disturbance in space-time...

*Also at this moment, it has been discovered that nearly all the writers have been replaced with newer ones, so to fit the theme...*

The Neverending Story: the Next Generation! Featuring an all new cast: theOtter, Semievil, Antestarr, and an old member, Geb!

Sem: Oh boy. This is gonna be fun. Can't wait for the Star Wars[Ext 9] vs. Star Trek[Ext 10] debates to start showing up now. Better prepare myself for the savage fans.


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