Rob X the Writer, in NeS1 Post 16, negates several previous posts, all of which related to his original actions of NeS1 Post 6, and continues the original battle between Rob X and Ares. Rob X attempts to trick Ares by using a decoy of himself, then tries to overwhelm the god with his light sabre and finally tries to fire upon Ares with his repeater. With nothing working, he goes for a last ditch effort of using dark side powers of the force.


ok ok ok i have a way to defeat Ares...{forget that the Triple threat never happened} 

With the blobs out of the way RobX could finally launch his master plan to stop Ares.

Streching out with the force RobX created a decoy Rob in front of Ares. Ares was destracted for a second but that was all it took.

Igniting his lightsaber RobX lunged foward.  Ares truned around with inhuman speed and switched on his saber just in time. The sabers clashed with a brilliant flash of light. RobX couldnt believe that Ares turned around that fast. 

RobX came to the realization that Ares couldn't be defeated with a saber alone. Rob pulled out a repeater from his cloak and aimed at Ares.

Ares cant possibly deflect all the pulse blasts Rob thought to himself as he pulled the trigger. 

A hundred shots a second blasted from the miniscule firearm yet in an amazing display of speed Ares mananged to deflect all the blasts. 


pissed off Rob lashed out with the forbidden powers of the darkside and Lunged at Ares........

{2 be contuned by Ares}

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