In NeS1 Post 157 Semievil attempts to trick Gebohq Simon into pursuing him from The Crow's Nest when he feigns disgust at the porn of the room. Gebohq, however, says he won't fall for it and Semievil returns, avoiding to step on the mines he'd set up.


Sem, finally taking note of his surroundings, is horribly offened.

Sem:"AEUGH!! Virgin eyes! You sick bastards!! I was an innocent youth!!! I have been corrupted!!!!"

He runs off clawing madly at his eyes.

Geb:"Bull*@#$!! Sem you faker get your arse back in here, I'm not falling for the seqcharges[Ext 1] again."

Sem, stepping around the mines, back into the room:"ehh heck... was worth a shot..."


External References

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