In NeS1 Post 155 The Otter watches Gebohq dancing with a lampshade on his head and asks if he ate the twinkies he'd been saving for seven years. Gebohq confirms and Otter tells him that they become toxic after seven years.


*TheOtter looks strangely @ the dancing Geb*

Otter:"hey, did you eat those Twinkies[Ext 1] that were on the turntable?"

Geb(confused, then remembers):" oh yeh, they were good! (grins like an idiot)

Otter(shakes head):"i've been saving those, you know if you keep a Twinkie in its wrapping for 7 years it becomes toxic."

Geb(licking fingers then stops, and looks up):"uhh, how long have you been keeping them?"

Otter:"Apparently long enough to enduce hallucinations..." (rolls eyes)

Geb(reads label on the wrapper):" says here 6 years and 364 days"

Otter:"yeh, that will do it."


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