In NeS1 Post 151 Semievil uses his halberd to defend himself from Arbiter, Rubber Duckies and Sam & Max. He gives Ares' Clone a new document to read through, thus occupying the clone from the attack. The result is that Arbiter is seriously wounded, several ducks are sliced and Max is killed.


Sem: "hmmm this could be difficult.... I mean, I haven't used a halberd in 47 EQ[Ext 1] years...." the duck wielding circle encroaches on his personal bubble

Sem: "heh...ger....yeagh....Wait I know!"

Sem hands a copy of "How to Build a 20'x4'x20' Percussion Instrument." to Ares' clone, and flips on the blade of the halberd, turning his back to the now occupied clone.....

What happens next is not clear, but several minutes later 4 sliced ducks, 1 pound of rabbit guts, and a shread of Arbiter's skin lay in a rough circle around him......

The only confirmed kill however was Max[Ext 2].


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