In NeS1 Post 147 Justyn the Thread Killer is being chased by Massassites with rubber ducky weapons. When the Massassites reach him and start beating him up he starts swearing. When he does so he, unthinkingly, wields his ban antiperspirant and sprays himself - thus mistakenly banning himself from the Story.


*Justyn, running from the crazed duck-wielding weirdos, suddenly stopped and realized "Hey! I'm an ultra-powerful board god! I can stop them in their tracks!" Unfortunately for him, the moment in which he stopped to think was all the time it took for duck-wielders to reach him and begin to pummel him.*

Justyn: Ow! Ooh! Oof! GOD F*#@@#&%#@*#!#%*#$%&#*$#$%&*# (and so on and so forth). HEY! THAT'S FOUL LANGUAGE!

*Justyn pulls out a stick of Ban antipersperant and thrusts it at himself. He realizes all too late that he is now banning himself from the thread. As his body fades out like a jedi[Ext 1], he continues with his stream of obscenities. The threat of Justyn the Thread Killer was no more.*

Antestarr: Well, doesn't that beat all... Now where did that Otter fellow go... since he arrived things just started getting weird.....


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