In NeS1 Post 145 Semievil realises that Justyn the Thread Killer must be a Shadow Knight from the video game EverQuest. He tells Gebohq Simon, who Justyn is chasing, to hide behind Sundeep and puts a Gebohq mask on Sundeep himself. Justyn attacks and kills the unfortunate Sundeep but because the company that created EverQuest nerfed the Shadow Knight class in the game, Justyn is now very weak and runs away - only to be attacked by Massassites.


Sem slowly begins to collapse under the relentless assault of the duck-wielding 7-11 manager, just as Geb, still fleeing justyn streaks past.....

Sem, calling upon his tome of Everquestual[Ext 1] information, comes to a realization.

Sem: "Wait a second.....Justyn must be a shadowknight[Ext 2]! ..... Hey Geb, come back, hide behind the duck-wielder will you?"

Justyn approaches, now clad in bloody steel-plate armor, and wielding a rather menacing halberd.

Sem acting fast puts a Gebohq mask on the 7-11 guy

Justyn: "I have you now you pithy dueler!"

the 7-11 manager writhes in the grip of agony!

the 7-11 manager has been slain by Justyn!

Sem: "AHA!! now you have used your harm touch, you are feeble! verant[Ext 3] has NERFED[Ext 4] YOUR CLASS!!!"

Justyn: "what... noo... ak! it's true!"

Justyn drops his halberd and attempts to run, only to be fallen upon by hundreds of duck-wielding massasites.....


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