In NeS1 Post 143 The Otter escapes Sundeep and Semievil and heads to the men's bathroom. There he finds a secret passage behind an 'out of order sign' to the janitor's den, which is filled with porn. Otter goes off and robs local superstores to outfit his new The Crow's Nest with gear and plays music to listen to.


*Otter crawls away from the dueling Sem and Hindi guy to seek sanctuary*

Otter (grumbling):"awww, now im gonna have to find another hide out, but where?"

*Otter wanders around the arena looking for niche to run back to and makes a detour to the men's room*

Otter(@ the urinal):"OH, YEH! that hits the spot!"

*Otter then sees the HUGE 'Out of Order' sign hung over the urinal*

Otter:"son of a *****...uhhhh, mie! (flushes urinal anyway)"

*just then a panel above him from the ceiling falls down, and from that comes down a light*


*decides to investigate...*

Otter:"hey! so this is where the janitor hid all of his porn! Yes, PORN...piles on top of piles of the smutty stuff, and its all MINE!!

¤insert appropiate evil laugh.....<here>¤

*Otter is in the old janitor's room of the arena ,which is also the highest floor and is about big enough to fit 2 VW bugs*

-2 Hours Later-

*in the mean time Otter robbed an IKEA[Ext 1] and a Radio Shack[Ext 2] to obtain his necessities for..."The Crow's Nest"* (catchy, eh?)

Otter:"OK, i've got a Ping Pong table, a futon, a teley, a small frig, subwoofer speakers(hehehe...), and a turntable."

*flops down on futon and puts on "Requirem[Ext 3]" on the turntable, which max-volume speakers are pointed outside*


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